How To Take Care Of Your Infinity Flowers

You have just received your package of infinity flowers !


Take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous they are and now to figure out how to keep them preserved, beautiful and long lasting please take 5 minutes to read these small instructions on how to take care of them with caution :

To take care of your infinity flowers you'll need to keep them at room temperature so not in super hot conditions or super cold conditions so at a nice room temperature of 27 degrees. To keep them, as infinity flowers you're not going to want to water them and keep them away from direct sunlight and exposure to heat and moisture to keep them preserved and pretty. If they have been in shipping for a while to refresh them you can fluff up the petal with a light hand using the tip of your fingers. Our beautiful infinity flowers come from some gorgeous fields in Ecuador which are grown with care and time just to reach you which means please treat them with care so that your infinity flowers can stay looking fresh and beautiful. The flowers should stay in their boxes so they can be happy and joyful inside. We don't want your infinity flower to be anything but beautiful and to last forever. So please handle them with care.
And after reading this please go and enjoy your now new beautiful infinity flower!