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DESCRIPTION Ethereal fragrance that would bring you to a luxurious spa feels as it starts with fresh citrusy top notes of mandarin and bergamot. Spice up with Thyme and a delicate scent of Jasmine and White Tea.

NOTE PROFILE Top: Bergamot and Mandarin Middle: Thyme and Jasmine Base: White Tea


DESCRIPTION Musky yet it mingles more with well-rounded floral notes from Honeysuckle and Jasmine. It smells like spring & summer season that can easily be carried all year round due to its enchanting floral scent.

NOTE PROFILE Top: Lemon and Ginger Middle: Honeysuckle and Jasmine Base: Wood and Violet


DESCRIPTION A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. You'll notice the crisp Sea Salt and calming notes from Orchid and Lily of the Valley, and a musky base notes from Wood and Tonka Bean.

NOTE PROFILE Top: Sea Salt Middle: Orchid and Lily of the Valley Base: Wood and Tonka Bean


DESCRIPTION A modern fragrance with universal appeal as this scent captivates Sage, Grapefruit, and Oak moss' natural earthy quality. It has a year round of appeal due to its scent with a Lavender that adds a soft floral and herbal touch, and Amber for its deep character.

NOTE PROFILE Top: Sage and Grapefruit Middle: Lavender Base: Oak moss and Amber


DESCRIPTION A sophisticated cocktail scent of a Black Currant Absinthe. Top notes from light traces of apple and delicate saffron threads. Luscious black currants and blackberries are the heart of this scent and warm base notes from anise and amber. Patchouli and cedarwood essential oils enhances the intensity of this dark and rich fruit fragrance.

NOTE PROFILE Top: Saffron, Apple Middle: Black Currant, Blackberry, Vanilla Base: Anise, Patchouli, Amber

CANDLE CARE • Allow min. 4 hours for the candle’s first light to burn while attended to avoid memory ring. • Only burn candles for 4-5 hours at a time. • Total burning time last approx. 40-45 hours. • Keep the wick trimmed for 1/8”-1/4” before relighting • Extinguish the flame by gently covering the lid and open to let the smoke exhaust, or best to use snuffer. • Use within 1 year after opening.

WARNING SAFETY / 警告 • Keep out of reach of children & pets. 遠離兒童和寵物。 • Stay away from flammable objects. 遠離易燃物品。 • Burn on heat resistance surface. 在耐熱表面上燃燒。 • Never leave candle unattended. 切勿讓蠟燭無人看管。

INGREDIENTS 100% Essential Oil & 100% Natural Soy Wax

SIZE & MATERIAL NET WT 180 ML / 6.09 OZ Black Frosted Glass with Wooden Lid Made in Hong Kong